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Patient Safety

WHITE ORCHID DENTAL follows standards for infection prevention and controls based on international standards. Multiple levels of sterilization efforts and patient safety mechanisms are embedded within our daily operations to consistently keep our patients safe. We imposed added external suction units on request, and selected protective equipment with built-in ventilation systems designed to protect our patients and healthcare staff.

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Patient Safety

Our team at the dental hospital has been COVID-19 on 2 dosage shots as of late April and May 2021. Our healthcare team is therefore ready and confident to provide service to our visitors and patients. As a specialized dental hospital for safe dentistry, we go beyond legal requirements by the Public Ministry of Health in Thailand. Safety measures and guidelines we employ are based on scientific principles from established international organizations such as the American Dental Association (ADA), CDC, AAMI, and WHO.


With the onset of the new wave of COVID-19 infections cases and concerns, having a villi Gent infection prevention and control standards monitored and in place is a crucial necessity. To protect our patients, visitors, dentists, healthcare workers and staff, at WHITE ORCHID DENTAL takes additional measures for the prevention and control of viral spread including COVID-19 over and above standard precautions in our dental care practice.Safety measures and guidelines we employ are based on scientific principles from established international organisation such as the American Dental Association (ADA), CDC, AAMI and WHO.

External Intraoral Suction Machine.

Potential aerosol-based dental treatments including teeth cleaning, scaling or polishing, an external intra-oral suction unit is used to remove any droplets or vapours in air on request

The external intra-oral suction unit has HEPA and activated carbon filters to stop virus and germs.

UV light disinfection system that kills all viruses and germs in the filter.

And plasma for disinfection

Disposals and PPE

Disposal equipment and supplies are used where possible to help you and your dentist

Masks and respirators are used

Isolation gowns worn are meant for surgical grade from spread of infection or illness in contact with potentially infections liquids and solid matieral.It prevents the transfer of micro-organisms.

Certified for PPE wear Level 2 THTI as barrier splash proof that is hot autoclaved instead of detergent wash

Clean and disinfected environmental surface with each use. Double verification of sterile instruments and devices. Safe needle and sharp stick disposal practices.

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